You Are About To Watch A Guard Passing Clinic Conducted By A "Black Belt Wrestler" Against A Rickson Gracie Black Belt

Guard Passing Made Easy never looked so easy. 🙂

David Avellan sliced through BJJ Black Belt Jorge Pereira's guard repeatedly using one of the Avellan brothers most powerful guard passes: the knee slice pass. In this video, you will see multiple setups for this pass in live action against a Rickson Gracie Black Belt.

Why the Black Belt Wrestler?

Jorge Pereira had made a comment to David before the match that he was a "Black Belt Wrestler," and that Jorge was a BJJ Black Belt (at the time, the Avellan brothers didn't have a BJJ rank). He went on to say that he was going to easily defeat David. Clearly, he underestimated his opponent. 🙂

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My next video will showcase one of my favorite guard passes. :)

It is the very same submission David is using in this video above. My brother and I have won countless matches using it, and Grappling Magazine went as far as calling it, "The Avellan Trademark Knee Cut Across Pass."

I will be breaking it down step by step so can you learn every possible part of this technique that has made is a nearly unstoppable pass for my brother and I.

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