Discover How Two White Belt Kids SMASHED Easily Through Black Belt Guards With A Simple System They Developed In Their Garage - Pay Attention To The Video Below!

guard passing made easy 30 day guarantee

Groomed for perfection by masters of the sport, an upset of epic proportions…

How a 22 Year Old White Belt BEAT
a Helio Gracie Black Belt with FOUR Guard Passes!

Dear fellow grappler, MMA-Miami-Marcos-Avellan1 My name is Marcos Avellan, I’m a two-time submission wrestling National Champion, I had the honor of representing the USA in the 2005 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships, and I have coached numerous grapplers and fighters who have competed at the highest levels, such as the UFC and ADCC.  If you want to quickly gain a reputation as a guard passing machine, you have got to listen to the following true story about my brother David. On October 11, 2003 a relative nobody named David Avellan walked into the posh James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, California to compete in the first ever “Ultimate Submission Showdown”.

guard passing win over Rener Gracie

Rorion Gracie (the original creator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship) hosted the event and invited grappling legends like Travis Lutter, Jeff Monson and two Gracie black belts (one of which was his son Rener Gracie).

The sold-out, $100 a seat minimum event attracted Hollywood celebrities like Michael Clarke Duncan and “Married with Children” star Ed O’Neill.

Even jiu jitsu grandmaster Helio Gracie flew in from Brazil and took a front seat…to witness his second eldest grandson Rener compete just months after awarding him a BJJ black belt.

On the other hand…David Avellan – with mostly just small event wins under his belt – stood out like a sore thumb, dwarfed by all the decorated fighters lined up for the competition.

So you can imagine the shock and utter embarrassment among the Gracie elite when David stepped on the mat, shook hands with Rener, and…

Sliced Through His Guard Like A Hot-Knife
Through Butter…FOUR TIMES!

Avellan Defeats Gracie

Knocking him out in the first round as father and grandfather looked on in stunned disbelief.

To put that into perspective…that’s like as a 2nd grader stepping to the plate in a home run contest against Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Babe Ruth. And hitting more home runs than all of them. Combined.

Was David Lucky? Not A Chance.

Since those early victories David competed (and won) in multiple NAGA’s, Grapplers Quest, and even the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships (he is a five-time ADCC veteran and finished 3rd in the World in ADCC Barcelona 2009). This one time nobody is now considered one of the best grapplers in the world (primarily because of his almost unstoppable guard passing skills).

Now, what’s this got to do with you?david-world-title

Well, when you possess these types of skills you…

  • Increase your ability to dominate on top. Even excellent guard guys hold back on sweeps or submissions…fearing you’ll pass as soon as they open up.
  • Increase your energy levels. When you stop struggling to fight or pass there’s extra gas in the tank to finish the fight.
  • Hit more submissions! Its common sense…you simply have more opportunities to end the fight once you’ve passed his guard.

But you may be wondering…

How Does A Relative Nobody Discover How To Pass Guard With Ease?

Was David nurtured under some jiu-jitsu grandmaster?

No. In fact, the real story starts in a small Miami garage on July 1997.

David and I had just finished high school. And – with just two years of high school wrestling under our belts…and against the advice of well-meaning friends and family – we decided that we wanted to devote our lives to martial arts.

For the next six years we worked 6 to 8 hours a day. And since we came from a wrestling background we worked almost exclusively on developing our top game.

And what’s the one thing you absolutely must do to defeat a jiu jitsu guy who’s on his back? That’s right. Pass his guard.

Through thousands of hours of practice…and testing in competition…We learned the ONE BIG secret to passing guard. And that is…

You Rarely EVER Pass Guard On The First Try!

Usually your opponent counters your first attempt. And if you don’t have a follow up pass to go to you actually:

  • Invite your opponent to sweep or submit you! When you’re stopped cold AND you don’t know what to do next you’re vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.
  • Waste tons of energy! Instead of knowing what to do, you have to scramble and rely on speed or strength (if you have those) so you don’t lose your position.
  • Give him a psychological edge! How afraid do you think he is if he knows you can’t pass his guard?

We discovered that the real secret to passing guard then isn’t just one technique…but a series of passes – linked one after another – that are specifically designed to defeat the most common guard pass defenses.

NOT Just A Pass Here And A Pass There… But Specific Counters To Every Guard Passing Defense!

Marcos Avellan BJJ Black Belt Guard Pass Phil Cardella

Me guard passing BJJ Black Belt Phil Cardella

Think about that for a moment: If you were about to enter a gun battle and you had your choice of…

a)    A civil war era flintlock pistol that shot just one bullet at a time and had to be manually reloaded, or…

b)    A modern era belt fed 50 caliber Gatling gun that fires 6,000 rounds per minute

Which would you choose? The Gatling gun, of course! Because if you missed with the first shot, you’d still have a thousand more bullets left to finish the job.

Gatling Gun aka Mini Gun

That’s exactly what my brother and I created in our garage. A step-by-step system of guard passes that throws one pass after another – in rapid succession – until your opponent is overwhelmed.

It literally lets you mow down the competition.

Does this sound like something you could use?

It’s EASY…
Once You Know The Inside Short-Cut Secrets

Here’s what I’ve got for you: Eight years ago, in 2005, not too long after I had won the ADCC North American Qualifier and my brother and I had both competed in the ADCC World Championships representing USA, I sat down and wrote out all my clutch guard passes and drills.  Then I got a video camera… and eight hours later, we emerged with detailed instructions on how to kill black belt guards!

The result? After careful editing my video guys created No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy. A five DVD set with 4 hours 18 minutes and 51 seconds of the sickest guard passing tricks and tactics you will ever see!

Guard Passing Made Easy DVD Set

The most unbelievable part about this is that I almost LOST this treasure… back then I wasn’t very knowledgeable about marketing DVDs and had put the plans for the DVD set in the back burner.  I had the DVD masters burned, gave them to the gym manager Kevin Perez, told him to watch them to make sure there were no glitches, and I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THEM.

BJJ secret Treasure

How could I forget about them?  I had two schools, had gotten engaged that year, was training for a MMA fight, and quite simply kept myself busy enough that I regrettably forgot about these DVDs.  They stayed in Kevin’s closet, still in their original sleeves, for over eight years!

It wasn’t until 2013 that Kevin, who recently got married, was cleaning out his closet to make space for his wife’s belongings, when he discovered the DVDs.  He brought them over to the gym, blew some dust off the sleeves, and asked me, “Hey I found the old Guard Passing Made Easy DVDs, do you still want ‘em?”

My eyes shot wide open!  These DVDs were made when I was in my competition prime, fresh off winning the ADCC North American Trials and competing in the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships – the Olympics of submission grappling.

I re-watched these DVDs and the stuff is GOLD.  Included are passes linked in a 1-2-3 fashion for an unending barrage of attacks (almost impossible to defend…it’s like trying to hold back rain.)

In the system, I reveal the exact passes that have helped my brother and I dominate the competition and build our reputation from scratch…these passes will instantly maximize your guard passing speed and power, no matter who you face.

This means you’ll suddenly score more points… unlock more submission opportunities… and win more matches!

Yes, even against stronger, faster and more experienced opponents.

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to learn:

DVD #1 – The “Patented” Knee Cut Method (35:42)

The best part is 90% of our passes stem from JUST ONE PASS! It’s simple and easy to learn (so easy that that most people completely overlook how dangerously effective it is.)

It’s called the knee cut across pass.  If you will learn just this one pass…and the following series of counters to each defense…your top game will go through the roof. Here’s what’s on this first DVD:

  • Knee Cut Pass Counter #1: The amazing “Windshield Wiper” trick that automatically launches you into an armbar! Even better his defense is what gives you the launching pad! Total OWNAGE! (Plus, armbar tips and tricks if you’re new to jiu jitsu.) (08:24)
  • Knee Cut Pass Counter #2: The new “claw-handed grip” that 1) Locks his hips to the ground…2) glues his leg to your body, and…3) gives you the most dangerous of all submission holds – the heel hook! (11:28)
  • Knee Cut Counter #3: The sneaky way to turn a regular guard pass into taking his back! (17:01)
  • Knee Cut Counter #4: And finally, how to counter when he defends by shrimping away…the hip-cut pass. (18:35)
avellan knee cut pass

How can a pass be “patented”? Grappling Magazine snapped so many pictures of my brother and I hitting this pass in competition that one of the editors claimed we must have “patented” the move. It’s stuck ever since.

You also get…

Worst Case Scenario “Pass and Dominate” Secrets

Most people think it’s impossible to pass without underhooks. Big Fat Lie! Two ways that shoot you right into a judo headlock pin when he thinks he’s got you reversed! (23:24). Followed by the…

  • HEADLOCK PIN CLINIC – 5 mistakes that get 1) your back taken 2) you bucked off 3) your lower body trapped 4) you rolled to your back and 5) your head ripped (almost) clear off your neck! (Sounds bad…but, once you know these danger zones nobody will EVER escape from your pin again!) (25:33)
  • The “Palm Readers Secret” to successful knee cut passing when he’s underhooking you! (Plus a super easy drill that burns this technique into your brain so you hit it quickly and smoothly every time.)(27:27)
  • How to use the knee cut to pass butterfly guard (Plus, the three mistakes most newbies make that cause them that puts them on their ass…or tapping for dear life). (01:48)
  • How to nail the knee-cut pass after the butterfly sweep (a perfect set-up that goes together better than peanut butter and jelly.) (33:17)
  • And finally, Attention MMA fighters: CRUCIAL ANTI-KNOCKOUT INFO! Here’s how most people take a foot to the face when going for the knee cut pass from standing. (29:51)
guard passing made easy
guard passing made easy 30 day guarantee

But what if your opponent has a powerful closed guard? That’s why you also get…


DVD #2 – Passing The Closed Guard & Miscellaneous Passes (64:57)

Which begins with me revealing the truth about opening guard. You see, most opening techniques only work if you’re considerably stronger than your opponent. What you’ll see here is how to use leverage – not strength – to pry him apart.  Plus…

  • If you couldn’t pass guard to save your life, here’s the 5 most common mistakes rookies make…which murders your chance of passing. Easy fix. (04:25)
  • How to use the knee-cut pass when your opponent puts his foot on your hip. (Simply grab his ankle, push down and you’re immediately free and clear.) (05:51)
  • Jiu Jitsu Jedi Mind Tricks! How to force your opponent to feel safe and secure (so he drops his defenses) immediately before you start your pass…and you slide through with ZERO resistance! (09:45)
  • Here’s a very painful (downright mean actually) stand-up technique that also immobilizes his grips (if he can’t put his hands on you, then sweeps are nearly impossible!) (11:07)

Can’t Open His Guard? Don’t Bother! Here’s How To Secure Side Control Even When Your Opponent Keeps His Guard FULLY Locked! (15:51)

  • How to nail a single-leg stack from the closed guard. (18:58)
  • BREAK HIS HAND! A sneaky hip twist that will leave him limp-wristed for months. (ATTENTION: Competition use ONLY. This is NOT to be used on your daily training partners if you want them around for long!) (21:10)
  • If your opponent’s legs are like a steel trap (or he just refuses to open), this pass gives you two options: 1) You can break his back…or 2) finish him with an ankle lock. (22:24)
  • When it is OK to extend your arms straight while in his guard. (No, you won’t get armbared…but you will get a neck crushing pass). (25:34)
  • How to handcuff one arm behind his back. (It’s like he’s trapped in a straight jacket. Unfair advantage.)(28:01)

What about the Miscellaneous Passes?

I didn’t know where to put some of these passes so I tossed them in as “Miscellaneous” but they are NASTY!  Check a few of them out:


  • Beat the Dela Riva #1: If you can dribble a basketball, you can neutralize this position (works for gi too) (22:47)
  • Beat the Dela Riva #2: How to roll into a nasty knee dislocation (NOT a kneebar) squeeze (26:45)
  • Beat the Dela Riva #3: Trick him into thinking he’s taking your back and finish him the fight with a super-tight kneebar (which you can easily slip to side mount if he’s ready for it.) (32:04)

Plus, you’ll learn 4 super-flashy (and super-effective) crowd-pleaser passes. (Grappling magazine just LOVED to take pictures of David doing the cartwheel pass.)

cartwheel pass

This DVD breaks down the long forgotten SCIENCE behind the cartwheel pass

David hitting a “flying guard pass” (also known as a cartwheel pass) in the September 2003 Issue of Grappling Magazine. Learn how David does it too on DVD #2.

  • Blast out of the deep end of the pool with the hip thrust pass! (7 points for the pass and the mount…plus it takes just seconds and ZERO effort.) (06:31)
  • David Avellan’s favorite guard pass “The Cartwheel Pass” (even if you’ve seen it a million times, here’s the details MOST people miss…plus, how to execute it so he rolls straight into your back take!) (09:25)
  • And because everybody now knows “The Cartwheel Pass”…David invented the “Fake” Cartwheel Pass (Revealed for the first time ever on video!) (32:53)
  • And finally, the plain old MEAN “pit-dog” guard pass to ONLY be used when attacked with a kimura! (If you’ve ever seen a wild pit-bull chomp down on a rope and violently shake his head, you’ll know exactly how instantly traumatizing this pass is.) (11:51)
guard passing dvd
guard passing made easy 30 day guarantee

Just watching this DVD will add 7 different techniques for opening guard to your arsenal. And, once you’re free…well, that’s just child’s play when you see what’s to come…


DVD #3  Double Stack and Butterfly Guard Passes 58:04

Listen, when you have multiple attacks – lined up one after another –your opponent is NOT only forced to constantly defend…but you are NEVER guessing what to do next.  That’s the REAL secret to winning.

The Double Stack Series In This DVD Is Quite Possibly The Most Unstoppable Passing Series EVER!

I’m known for the knee cut across pass – but only because most times I’ve never had to fall back on my “Plan B”… but this “Plan B” might as well be my “Plan A” because once you’ve mastered this sequence, once you have initiated, it is unstoppable.  I took one simple (almost commonplace) pass and turned it into a “string of pearls”…so flawless in design…that anyone who knows how to execute this series will be able to pass like they’re grappling a mannequin.

It all starts with the double stack pass.

guard pass mma ground and pound

Me working side control versus BJJ Black Belt Pedro Brandao

Now I know what you’re thinking…you’ve seen it, you know how to do it, its old news… But what I can promise is that you have NOT seen the barrage of passes that follows up this simple technique in this order. Check it out…

Double Stack Pass #1:  First you’ll see how to choke him, crush his ribs AND smash his own knee into his face during the double stack pass (fail to do this and he’ll just laugh …do it right and he’ll beg you to take side mount just to end the pain. Check it out.) (01:27)

Now, here’s what follows…

  • Double Stack Pass #2: Have you ever seen a matador “bait” a bull with his cape…and then dance around the wild animal as it charges? Here’s how to use the “Matador Trick” to foil the most popular double-stack pass defense. (06:11)
  • Double Stack Pass #3: “Matador Trick” stonewalled? How to nail the lesser-known (which makes it even MORE effective) single-stack pass.(07:16)
  • Double Stack Pass #4: Does he push your hips as you try to pass? Here’s how to use the “Logger’s Axe Secret” to chop down his arm (CAUTION: Use C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y or you’ll rip his bicep apart).(09:15)
  • Double Stack Pass #5: When he blocks your chop-counter, here’s how to force him into a painful split stretch (You slip through like greased pig or rip his groin. Your choice.) (11:03)
  • Double Stack Pass #6: How to “shrug” your hips straight to his back if he counters your split stretch pass. (12:58) INFO! Here’s how most people take a foot to the face when going for the knee cut pass from standing. (29:51)
  • Double Stack Pass #7: Stretch his groin again with the “hip cut” pass (this time with your other knee.)(13:57)
  • Double Stack Pass #8: Back around to his back. (17:13)

Done in a boom…boom…boom attack sequence, these passes are almost impossible to defend.

As you can see, this is NOT just another instructional video of a bunch of random techniques thrown together… but a TESTED, RESEARCHED AND DEVELOPED SYSTEMATIZED APPROACH TO CRUSHING EVERY SINGLE GUARD PASS DEFENSE HE THROWS AT YOU!

Let Me Ask You A Question: Can You Defend Eight Moves In A Row. Five Moves? Three?

Imagine…all you need to do is shoot for the double underhooks and SEQUENCE INITIATED! It’s like trying to hold back the ocean.

That’s the power of a system vs. unconnected random techniques

But I didn’t stop there. Because while most grapplers always try and force pressure down with the stack…you can just as easily go UNDER with the double stack pass (something hardly any jiu jitsu player has ever seen…much less can teach you how to do.)

  • Low Double Stack Pass #1: Details on the “Shoot Slide and Punch” pass (you hit him low when he thinks you’re going high!) (20:14)
  • Low Double Stack Pass #2: Why pass his guard when you can go straight to his back? How to do it using the double-stack flip (get this…guard pass + back take = 6 points!) (21:44)
  • Low Double Stack Pass #3: Never get stuck in an unopenable guard again! Two variations of the “Houdini Pass” – aptly named because of it’s amazing ability to break open even the most vice-like of guards! (25:55)



  • The simple “push knee” pass that instantly disables his butterfly hooks – making it drop-dead easy to pop your hips around for a pass. (Plus, an illegal-in-competition neck-crank variation. Self-Defense use only.) (02:18)
  • Two versions of the “Crush and Jump” pass. David shares with you the simple “un-athletic” version (23:31) while I show the flashier version that plops your ass right on his face! (Not only do you pass, but all your gym buddies will be laughing at him too.) (04:01)
  • How to neutralize the only counter to the “Crush and Jump” pass using a simple baseball slide like maneuver. (05:16)
  • SPIN HIM LIKE A TOP! Force him wide open using the “Reaper Pass” (a technique so powerful it literally flings you into north-south, knee on belly or straight into an armbar…your choice!) (07:05)
  • Pass with the “hook switch” technique…best part, his ONLY defense gives you an armbar. DOUBLE WIN! (09:45)

And the solution to the BIGGEST butterfly guard problem…

Do You Know How To Pass Butterfly If Your Opponent Is Keeping His Knees Really Tight Into His Body?

Here’s how to using the “hook jump pass”. (Oh, and you’re set-up for a kneebar too.) (15:45)

Next up…did you know that the Half-Nelson is more than just a head-locking tool? Discover the secrets of the little known Half-Nelson Guard Pass where you either 1) secure a painful nelson crank on his hip and take side mount, or…2) force him to kick himself into a kneebar, or…3) just go straight to his back! (17:16)

  • Plus, more half-nelson leg fighting secrets. Here’s how to pinch, pin and pass using the “Half Nelson Pin Pass”. (24:13)
  • Details of the super-painful “Calf Crushing Knee Pin” pass! This one technique alone will make everyone think twice about playing butterfly guard with you ever again. (27:45)
guard passing made easy download
guard passing made easy 30 day guarantee

DVD #4: Half Guard and Duck Under Passes (40:07)

Is half-guard a never ending battle for you? If so, I’ve got two half-guard passing series here for you that would make any half-guard guru shiver…

Half Guard Pass Series #1 – The Knee Cut Pass

  • Knee Cut Pass #1: Are you creating a comfortable pillow for your opponent to rest on? This KILLS your passing power! Here’s how to “Bully” pass and make him feel like he’s lying on a samurai sword (impossible to bridge against.) (03:45)
  • Knee Cut Pass #2: The quickest and easiest way to pass his half-guard when he’s got the underhook. (08:35)
  • Knee Cut Pass #3: How to swing to a kneebar from half-guard. And (prepare yourself, this is kinda gross) why you should kiss his heel to stop him from rolling out and escaping to your back. (10:31)
Guard Pass DVD

Me about to pass the half-guard of BJJ Black Belt Leonardo Xavier

Half Guard Pass Series #2 – The Knee Cut Pass

  • Duck Under #1: Duck unders are only used in takedowns, right? Wrong! While most guys try to pass OVER, here’s a sneaky way to slide underneath him to pass. (00:32)
  • Duck Under #2: How to lock in excruciating achilles locks using the “buck and wiggle” secret. (08:54)
  • Duck Under #3: Hit ankle locks without fear of losing your position! How to hit the duck under pass when your opponent defends the ankle lock. (11:12)

Plus much more…

  • How to break his half guard when your arm gets stuck inside. (17:45)
  • If he snakes and hooks your leg (a stalling tactic called the half-guard lockdown), here’s why you should forget your leg and focus on his ribs. (22:03)
  • When you should “give-up” the half-guard kimura. (Don’t worry, you still get the submission…it’s just easier after you pass. Slick stuff.) (25:34)

But there’s still even more…


DVD #5 Guard Passing Drills (60:49)

One of our big secrets is THIS DVD… for all FIVE of my brother’s appearances at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships, a BIG chunk of my brother’s training came from THIS DVD!  Drills, drills, and drills!  We have over an hour of drills and drilling philosophy.

David Avellan ADCC Medalist

David Avellan finishing with the Bronze Medal in ADCC Barcelona 2009

  • Knee Cut Across Drill: Use this drill to develop a smooth, instinctual, ambidextrous knee cut across pass. (05:22)
  • Fast and Loose Drill: This drill will teach you to E-X-P-L-O-D-E like a cannon when the guard opens! (08:45)
  • MMA Super Drill… The Smash and Pass Drill: The title says it all… this drill will teach you to SMASH AND PASS using continuous strikes while focusing on technical guard passing – this one is also an intense cardio builder! (11:12)
  • Submission Buster Guard Pass Drill: Use this drill to develop anti-submission guard pass reactions that will have you blowing by submissions into side control! (24:51)
  • Pass and Tap Drill: We’ve all heard “position before submission” but use this drill to score submissions milliseconds after passing guard! This “all or nothing” strategy will catch opponents off guard – this is the fake field goal of submission grappling! (28:27)
  • Bench and Squeeze Drill: This drill is done every week at my school – it a KEY drill for all our grapplers and fighters. Develop a killer squeeze from side control – and an explosive bench escape from bottom! I also show a variation from mount. (32:10)

These are just some of the drills on this amazing DVD – you GOT to get this if you are serious about developing a killer guard passing game.

guard passing video
guard passing made easy 30 day guarantee

But there’s much more to this set…during filming my brother and I revealed even more nuggets of grappling gold that naturally result from our guard passing system. Here’s just a small sample…

More than Just Guard Passes!

heel hook

Fill a room with grappling experts and the secrets just start flowing. That’s why in No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy you’ll learn much more than just passing guard.

  • The secret to top-body control! Do you know where a person’s power center is (and how to avoid it?)
  • Heel Hook Secrets! Why you should punch yourself in the face…what to twist for maximum pressure (it’s NOT your wrist)…and which side of his leg your butt needs to fall so he can’t kick you while finishing the heel hook (the single most important thing you can learn about heel hooks).
  • How to use an “illegal” choke to break his guard. (Don’t worry, you won’t get disqualified…but it will startle the hell out of your opponent!)
  • When your opponents’ brain is literally shut-down and NOT thinking about the fight. (The secret psychology is the key behind timing your most effective attacks. This can make you a better fighter faster than anything else humanely possible.)
  • Do you know how to control his legs while standing? (Hint: It’s BETTER than grabbing the ankles!)
  • Why you should never fall straight to your back when going for an Achilles lock.
  • How to steal your opponent’s sweeps, escapes and reversals as soon as you transition into half-guard. (He’ll be helpless.)
  • 4 Tips for a flawless knee-bar.
  • Why a simple “mock” knee-bar attack will always fool a smarter opponent… and set him up for a quick knee-cut pass!
  • The number one rule that absolutely must be observed to neutralize a strong butterfly guard!

Guard Passing Made Easy Is Always Evolving, And You Will Too With FREE Online Updates!

MMA is always evolving, and so are we at FFA.

That is why we have developed our MMA Instructional Membership site,

kimura trap update

In the past I held webinars to keep people up to date, but that can be a pain in the butt for both you and me. So, I decided to do something that people have asked me to do for years...

kimura trap online

Meet Guard Passing Made Easy Online! A brand new website that has ALL of the videos from the DVD set, the Guard Passing Made Easy eBook, and the Audio CD - PLUS, video updates and discussion groups!

This is your one-stop-shop for Guard Passing knowledge! This also means that when you order Guard Passing Made Easy, you will get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to ALL of the Videos.

kimura trap onlineNo more waiting for the postman to come to your door. 🙂

The website is mobile friendly, so you can watch ALL of Guard Passing Made Easy videos on any phone or tablet, including iPhones and iPads. So now you can take Guard Passing Made Easy with you anywhere you go. 🙂

Remember, this is no gimmick. My brother and I had spent years perfecting our guard passes…alone in our garage…against the toughest competition on the planet…and for almost a decade now in our two south Florida schools. If you are really serious about the grappling game (especially passing guard), No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy may well be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here’s What I’ll Send You…

Guard Passing Made Easy DVD Set

Audio CD – Guard Passing Interview

DVD 1 – Knee Cut Across Pass

DVD 2 – Closed Guard & Misc Passes

DVD 3 – Double Stack & Butterfly Passes

DVD 4 – Half Guard & Duck Under Passes

DVD 5 – Guard Passing Drills

Guard Passing Made Easy E-book  (over 100 pages)

Instant Online Access To ALL Content With Mobile Friendly Pages

Best of all, with DVD’s you can rewind any time you need to, and space the lessons out to match your schedule. You can pull an all-night binge, or work through it more slowly. Your choice. This guarantees you learn it all at your pace.

I can’t believe I almost lost these DVDs… they were buried in my gym manager’s closet.  He recently got married and as he was making room in his closet for his wife’s stuff, he found these DVDs still in their sleeves.  This is a lost treasure and I’ll make this claim:

No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy Is The Best Thing To Happen To Grapplers Who Want To Master No-Gi Guard Passing, Fast!

How much? A drop-dead bargain. My brother and I have collected thousands of dollars from gym owners at seminars where I’ve shared these guard passing secrets. And if you wouldn’t want to do private lessons with us, our prices are upwards of $200 to $400 an hour, depending on how many private lessons purchased upfront.  What you get in this special package is worth $$$ in private lessons – it’s packed with all the guard passing tricks, tactics, tips and shortcuts that my brother and I learned from 12 years at the top of the grappling scene.

But you’re not even gonna pay a fraction of that amount. Nope. Because my brother and I have agreed it’s time to share our techniques to everybody across the globe and have started releasing DVDs such as the Kimura Trap System and Black Belt Psychology.

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P.P.S. Remember, you have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  Upon receiving the entire system, you have 30 days to review all the materials and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, just return the system within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund!  The only “catch” is that you have to write me an email letting me know what you didn’t like about it so that I can improve with my next system.  It is a straight forward, risk free, full refund guarantee!

P.P.P.S. If you’re still unsure and because I don’t want to see you miss out… I’ve answered a number of the questions that our “preview group”. I thought you may find them helpful…

Marcos Answers Your Questions!

Q: I already have other guard passing DVD’s. What makes you different?

A: This isn’t a set of random techniques. This is a system that takes the most effective guard passes…and then links them together one after another. If you don’t pass with the first one, you go to number two. If two fails, three. And on and on.

How well does this system work?

Well we defeated SIXTEEN Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts between 2002 and 2005…without EVER putting on a kimono! In fact, I didn’t learn how to tie a kimono belt until I started helping teach the kid’s class!


Q. I don’t train no-gi. Can I still use these guard passes?

A: A lot of gi passes do NOT work without the gi… however, ALL no-gi passes WORK with the gi!

If you’re a Gi grappler, you will definitely benefit from No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy.  Actually, with most of these passes, the gi will only make them easier!  My brother was quoted in Grappling magazine for saying how Gracie’s gi made it easier for him to execute his famous knee-cut across pass.


Q. You guys look pretty tough. Do I need to be really strong, athletic or flexible to use these passes?

A. Ha, the pictures make us look bigger. I usually fought at 155 lbs. While we’re known for gymnastic like passes…this is a system to out-smart your opponent. Not out muscle them.


Q: I’m a white belt and I just started training. If I buy your DVD’s, will I be beating black belts tomorrow?

A: No. While David was technically a white belt when he won against those guys in the tournaments, he wrestled in high school and we spent hours working out guard passes. What I can promise you that if you take our DVDs, practice the system…you will fly through guard.


Q: I have bad knees. Will this work for me?

A: Yes. Many of our passes are from a stand up position. So you don’t have to drop down low to use them.


Q. I understand David and Marcos have proven themselves in competition, but are they any good at teaching this stuff?

A. My brother and I have successfully coached hundreds and hundreds of students in martial arts over the years, we have done seminars for the military and police, and we have coached fighters in the UFC, have coached a FILA World Champ, and have put four people to compete in the ADCC.  We know how to teach and you’ll notice right away in our DVDs.

marcos-avellan-jasonMe with my student Jason Soares right after winning the 2011 FILA Submission Wrestling World Championships in Serbia


Q: I really want to pass guard as easily as you describe — but the cost gives me ‘sticker shock’…

A: Well, the obvious answer is… maybe this is not for you.

Just think about it, think about the feeling of winning your first advanced tournament… by passing the “unpassable” guard of a BJJ black belt… I know the feeling 🙂  And it is GREAT!  I remember the first National Title I had ever won was the GQ Team USA Trials.  In the opening round, I had passed Renzo Gracie Brown Belt Alan Teo with a barrage of guard passes, shutting him down and winning dominantly.  Then in the finals, I faced Saulo Ribeiro Brazilian Black Belt Leonardo Xavier… which I defeated with a textbook “patented” Avellan guard pass… and the feeling of holding that side control was one of the best feelings in my life.  I felt electricity thru my body when I passed his guard and got the win.  There is no amount of money you can offer me to take away that feeling – which is why the deal I’m giving you with these DVDs is a steal.

Have you passed a black belt guard in competition?  What value would you put on that?  If you say less than the DVD, then stop reading leave this page, the No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy DVDs aren’t for you.  This is for people who REALLY want to improve, for people who have invested hours and hours of time, sweat, and money into the martial arts and really want to get even more bang out of their grappling.


Q: If I have questions, or are unsure about anything can I speak to someone?

A: Absolutely. I wouldn’t dare ask you to invest your hard-earned money without answering your every question.  Just call 1-888-332-4967, that is the number to my gym and ask for me.  If I’m not there, there is a good chance my staff can answer your questions, but if not, they’ll leave a message for me and I’ll get back to you.

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order the entire No-Gi Guard Passing Made Easy system – get the 5 DVDs, Audio CD, and the 100 page+ E-book.  If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, notify me via email with a reason why you didn’t like it, and then just put all the stuff back in the box and send it back to me within 30 days to get a FULL refund.

It is that simple.

With this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, I have taken away the risk and placed it solely on my shoulders.

Learn how my brother and I were able to defeat the world’s top black belts in Xande Ribeiro, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, Joe D’Arce (twice), Todd Margolis (3x), Amaury Bitteti, Jorge Periera, Pedro Brandao, Rafael Lovato (twice), Rener Gracie, Tarsis Humphries, Jamie Cruz (twice), Sean Williams, Rick McCauley, Justin Garcia (twice), Adriano Lucio, Leonardo Xavier, Dan Simmler (twice), and other notable black belts and top level grapplers with our Guard Passing Made Easy System!


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